Tantalum electrolytic capacitors now available have mainly three categories of the solid sintered, foil winded and wet sintered type.

tantalum chip capacitors are playing a dominant role in the markets along with the development of technology, miniaturization is in the ascendant and the ratio of chip type to all types of capacitors is growing, Among them, the sintered solid accounts for over 95% of the current total production, dominated by non-hermetical epoxy-encapsulated tantalum capacitor.

Solid tantalum capacitors have advantages of excellent electrical performance, wide working temperature range, good volume efficiency and various forms of encapsulation.

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Is it possible to obtain more pulses than twice the number of phases in a rectifier circuit? The answer to this question is yes: especially in polyphase circuits. Through the creative use of transformers, sets of full-wave rectifiers may be paralleled in such a way that more than six pulses of DC are produced for three phases of AC. A 30o phase shift is introduced from primary to secondary of a three-phase transformer when the winding configurations are not of the same type. In other words, a transformer connected either Y-Δ or Δ-Y will exhibit this 30o phase shift, while a transformer connected Y-Y or Δ-Δ will not. This phenomenon may be exploited by having one transformer connected Y-Y feed a bridge rectifier, and have another transformer connected Y-Δ feed a second bridge rectifier, then parallel the DC outputs of both rectifiers. Since the ripple voltage waveforms of the two rectifiers' outputs are phase-shifted 30o from one another, their superposition results in less ripple than either rectifier output considered separately: 12 pulses per 360o instead of just six

Select a higher voltage rated part (30% to 70%) than the maximum line voltage. In the case of low impedance circuits, the tantalum capacitor is likely to be stressed by current surges. In circuits which undergo rapid charge/discharge, a protective resistor of 1.0 ohm per applied volt is recommended. If this is impossible, a voltage-derating factor of up to 70% is recommended. A combination of tantalum capacitors can be connected in series to increase working voltage of the equivalent capacitor. In many power supply topologies where the di/dt through the capacitor is limited, such as most implementations of buck (current mode), forward converter and flyback, the requirement for series resistance is decreased to 0.1 ohm per applied volt. This level of resistance is used as a basis for the series resistance variable in a 1%/1000 hours 60% confidence level reference. This is what steady state life tests are based on. Certain test circuits such as ICT are likely to subject the capacitor to large voltage and current transients, which will not be seen in normal use. This should be taken into account when considering the capacitors rated voltage.

The tantalum capacitor is a highly reliable type of solid capacitor orelectrolytic capacitor.

Surface mount tantalum capacitors are increasingly being used in circuit designs because of their volumetric efficiency, basic reliability and process compatibility.

Tantalum capacitors are manufactured from a powder of relatively pure tantalum metal. The typical particle size is between 2 and 10 μm.

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Cross reference: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/Kingtronics-Tantalum-and-Ceramic-Capacitors-Cross-Reference.pdf

Telecommunications installations as well as CATV amplifiers, CB transmitters, home entertainment systems, computers and similar equipment can be exposed to voltage surges conducted via the power network. The combination of a surge arrester and a varistor offers proven protection in these cases. The phase and neutral conductors are connected to ground potential of both protection elements.

Surge arresters are an essential aid to insulation coordination in electrical power supply systems. Valuable equipment can be protected against lightning- and switching overvoltages.

If basic rules are kept, modern Metal oxide surge arresters offer complete protection against overvoltages.

Costs of surge arresters in electrical power supply systems are less than 1% of the worth of the equipment they protect.

High availability and low costs of surge arresters facilitate new applications like surge arresters for transmission lines. As a result surge arresters convince with a quality improvement of electrical power supply systems.

Tantalum capacitors are used in smaller electronic devices, including portable telephones, pagers, personal computers (PCs), and automotive electronics. They differ in terms of form factor, technology, and capacitance type. Leaded tantalum capacitors have leads for connections to circuits. Surface mount or chip tantalum capacitors do not. For both types of products, technology choices include single layer, multilayer, and wound. Single layer tantalum capacitors use a monolithic dielectric. Multilayer products are small in size and made of many layers. They provide good frequency characteristics as well as excellent temperature stability. Wound tantalum capacitors are built by winding foils, sometimes by hand. In terms of capacitance type, there are two choices: fixed and variable. Fixed tantalum capacitors have a nonadjustable capacitance value. Variable tantalum capacitors can be set with a potentiometer or other adjustment mechanism.

Selecting tantalum capacitors requires an analysis of performance specifications such as capacitance range, capacitance tolerance, DC rated voltage range (WVDC), equivalent series resistance (ESR), leakage current, dissipation factor and operating temperature. Capacitance measures the ability to store energy, given as C = K A/D, where A is the area of the electrodes, D is their separation, and K is a function of the dielectric between the electrodes. Normally, capacitance tolerance is measured as a percentage of capacitance. DC rated voltage range (WVDC) is the maximum continuous DC voltage that may be continuously applied to a tantalum capacitor at any temperature between the lower category temperature and the rated temperature. Equivalent series resistance (ESR) represents the extent to which tantalum capacitors act like resistors when charging and discharging. Dissipation factor (DF) is the ratio between the resistive and the reactive part of the impedance submitted to a sinusoidal voltage of specified frequency.

There are three main packaging specifications for tantalum capacitors: lead or termination type, mounting style, and packing method. Choices for lead type include surface mount technology (SMT), axial, radial, flying, tab, screw, gull wing, and J-leads. Mounting styles include SMT as well as through-hole technology (THT), bolt mounts, bracket mounts, and pole mounts. There are three main packing methods for tantalum capacitors: tape reel, tray or rail, and shipping tube or stick magazine. Polarized, non-polarized, and self-healing products are also commonly available.

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Our dipped (radial) tantalum capacitors cross to: AVX--TAP; NIC-- NDTM; Kemet--T350 to T390; NEMCO--TB PDT; China--CA42; Mallory--TDC TDL...
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Ceramic capacitors are known to comprise alternating layers of inner electrodes and ceramic dielectrics. A laminated ceramic capacitor includes a laminate formed of a plurality of laminated dielectric ceramic layers and an internal electrode laminated therein. Monolithic ceramic capacitors have a rectangular shape, and are provided with external electrodes at the opposite ends thereof, respectively. The development of integrated circuits has made it possible to place many circuit elements in a single semiconductor chip. A multilayer ceramic capacitor has been used widely as a compact, high power, and highly reliable electronic part and employed in a large number of electronic circuits. The multilayer ceramic capacitor comprises a layered dielectric body composed by alternately laminating dielectric layers and inner electrode layers and terminal electrodes formed on the main body of the layered dielectric element. The ceramic layers are stacked together in a manner that the internal electrodes are alternately exposed at opposite sides of the laminated body. The external electrodes are disposed at the end portions including the opposite sides of the laminated body and are connected to respective sets of internal electrodes of the laminated body.

Kingtronics manufacture a wide range of quartz crystals. We also stock crystals in most popular package styles, frequencies and specifications for quick delivery.

Kingtronics offers high quality SMD crystals at incredibly aggressive prices. The HC49SMD series is an industry standard crystal package. This is a low cost, low profile timing option for applications where cost is critical.

The HC49SMD is available in tight tolerances and stabilities for demanding applications. With a broad frequency range from 3.200MHz to 90.000 MHz, the HC49SMD can serve as a low cost solution in virtually any application or market. The HC49SD is available in surface mount (SMD) packaging only.

Bridge Rectifier Series:

A bridge rectifier makes use of four diodes in a bridge arrangement to achieve full-wave rectification.

This is a widely used configuration, both with individual diodes wired as shown and with single component bridges where the diode bridge is wired internally.

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