Stop-Clutch: (SC)
A device which allows the wiper to idle at the ends of the resistive element without damage as the adjustment shaft continues to be actuated in the same direction.

Stop-Solid: (SS)

A positive limit to mechanical and/or electrical adjustment.


The mounting of one trimming potentiometer adjacent to or on top of another utilizing the same mounting hardware.

Theoretical Resolution :

(Wirewound only) The theoretical measurement of sensitivity to which the output ratio may be adjusted and is the reciprocal of the number of turns of wire in resistance winding expressed as a percentage.
N = Total number of resistance wire turns.
1/N X 100 = Theoretical resolution percent

I assume you know M7 can replace S1M/GS1M very well, we keep large stock of M7, ISO & SGS & RoHS certified, pls don't hesitate to ask for my price if you have relevant demands, the best offer in history will be supproted immediately.  Come to us with your rfqs, we're always at your service.

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Diode stock for Christmas/New Year:

M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS MPQ: 5kpcs/reel  

LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS MPQ: 2.5kpcs/reel  

1N4148W SOD-123 T&R RoHS MPQ: 3kpcs/reel 

1N4148WS SOD-323 T&R RoHS MPQ: 3kpcs/reel

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Printed Circuit Terminal: (P, W&X)
Rigid uninsulated electrical conductor so arranged, suitable for printed circuit board plug-in.

Solder Lug Terminal: (S)

Rigid uninsulated electrical conductor so arranged, suitable for external lead attachment.

Wiper: (SL)

The wiper is the member in contact with the resistive element that allows the output to be varied with the mechanical member adjustment.

AKT is short for axial multilayer ceramic capacitors, which is widely used on wiper and cooling fan. Do you have relevant inquiries for us?

We have 1 production line for this axial mlcc capacitor and our monthly output is 2,000,000pcs. Below details for your reference. Look forward to your kind reply.

Capacitance range: 1pF~1µF

Voltage range: 50V~100V
Temp range: NPO, X7R, Y5V

Competitors: AVX, Vishay, Kemet, Murata, TDK, NIC, Nippon, Panasonic

Multiturn Adjustment : 
Requires more than 360° mechanical adjustment to cause the wiper to traverse the total resistance element.

Terminal : 

An external member that provides electrical access to the resistance element and wiper.

Leadwire Type: (L)

Flexible insulated conductor.

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Resistance Element :
A continuous, unbroken length of resistive material without joints, bonds or welds except at the junction of the element and the electrical terminals connected to each end of the element or at an intermediate point such as a center tap.

Adjustment Shaft :

The mechanical input member of a trimming potentiometer which when actuated causes the wiper to traverse the resistance element resulting in a change in output voltage or resistance.

Single Turn Adjustment :

Requires 360° or less mechanical input to cause the wiper to traverse the total resistance element.

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