We are happy to share with you our good news that Kingtronics is committed to developing SMD Trimming Potentiometer that are smaller and more convenient for users to assemble.

Please check below our product list, welcome your inquiry for more information.
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Application: Laptops, power supplies, handhelds, door opening systems, cameras, car stereos, LCD modules, sensors, etc.
RKT-3269 SMD Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-C3305 Trimming Potentiometer-3mm SMD
RKT-3313 3mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3314 Surface Mount 4mm Square Single-Turn Cermet Trimming Potentiometers
RKT-3224 4mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer

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Kingtronics SMD Trimming Potentiometer product series: RKT-3313, RKT-3314, RKT-3224, RKT-C3305, RKT-3269

Chinese New Year is approaching.
Kingtronics team would like to thanks the continuous support of new and regular customers.

We will endeavor to provide your with good quality production, favorable prices and excellent services in coming years.
Kingtronics Production lines will start around 3-weeks-holiday from 20th January.

Different production lines will have different schedule.
The lead time may be extended because of CNY holiday.

If any demand recently, please feel free to share earlier.
Thank you !

Trimming potentiometers are Kingtronics' first products.
Kingtronics potentiometers (Kt trimming potentiometer) include following part number:
RKT-3006, RKT-3266, RKT-3269, RKT-3296, RKT-3323, RKT-3329, RKT-3362, RKT-3386, RKT-3306, RKT-3309, RKT-3540S, RKT-3590, RKT-C3305, RKT-065…
They are widely used in all below electronic equipment.

Welcome to check our website to find parts which fit your demand. https://www.kingtronics.com/trimming-potentiometers/
Kingtronics Kt RKT Trimming Potentiometers Product viseo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQiJx5bjvbk

1. Air conditioners

29. Telephones

57. Video game systems

2. Bread makers

30. Fax machines

58. Toys & kits, electronics

3. Coffee/tea makers

31. Camcorders

59. Radio controls for models

4. Dental hygiene devices

32. Electronics for cameras

60. Metal detectors

5. Dishwashers

33. Digital cameras

61. Power tools

6. Door chimes, electronic

34. Cassette players for autos

62. LCD modules

7. Door opening systems

35. Car stereos

63. Sensors

8. Food processors

36. Auto repair instruments

64. Optical transceivers

9. Freezers

37. Cassette recorders

65. Televisions

10. Kitchen appliances

38. Compact disc players

66. Digital TVs

11. Microwave ovens

39. Hi-fi amplifiers

67. TV receivers

12. Kitchens

40. Hi-fi cassette decks

68. VCRs

13. Refrigerators

41. Stereo systems

69. HDTVs

14. Stoves/ovens

42. Tape recorders

70. Cable set-top boxes

15. Controls for white goods

43. Turntables

71. Satellite TV receivers

16. Environmental controls/equipment

44. Receivers

72. DVD players

17. Electronic insect repellants

45. Radios

73. DVD recorders

18. Intercom systems

46. Radio cassette recorders

74. Printers

19. Smoke detectors

47. Portable stereos

75. Photo printers

20. Thermostatic controls

48. Music centers

76. Laptops

21. Trash compactors

49. Music mixing equipment

77. Computers

22. Ultrasonic devices

50. Organs and musical instruments

78. Computer monitors

23. Amateur and CB radios

51. Clock radios

79. Computer power supplies

24. Cordless telephones

52. Clocks

80. Home networks

25. Telephone amplifiers

53. Digital table clocks

81. Personal computers

26. Telephone answering machines

54. Educational toys

82. Handhelds

27. Telephone dialers, automatic

55. Electronic games

83. PDAs

28. Telephone sets, digital

56. Game units

84. Portable CD

Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometer Applications

Any order plan scheduled in early October ?

Please note early Oct. our production team will have one week holiday for National Day.

Our production line is tight and fully arranged, so that if order in early Oct. lead time might postpone 2-3 weeks later.

It will be wiser if possible confirm order before end Sept. to have more chances reach better lead time.

Meanwhile, we have hot stock for Diode LL4148, M7, SMD 3mm trimmer capacitor now !

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re willing to support !

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As you know every year approaching the Christmas season will get busy with factories, so does Chinese New Year time.

The coming Chinese New Year also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.
This is a time for family reunion, and is considered the most important part in the Chinese New Year celebration.

In 2019, the festivity will be on 5th-7th Feb., our factory will have holidays from late January till mid-February.
The production lead time might be longer once place order within or after CNY.

Thus please don’t hesitate to advise us the order confirmation soon, and arrange production without delay. : )

Good day !

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Whole customers are divided into distributor & manufacturer
Total amount: 240 PCS customers
Expected order volume: 20kkUSD

2) Hot sellers talking face to face in the Fair

GKT - Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor with Radial, SMD, Snap - in, Axial, Lug and Screw Type

RKT -- Trimming potentiometer RKT - 3296 3386 3006 3329 065 3362 3329
MKT/TKT - MLCC ceramic capacitor & Radial tantalum

WKT--Kingtronics (Kt) DIP and SMD Tactile (Tact) Switches
KKT--SMD 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

Diode M7, LL4148
Bridge MB10S, DB107

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Delivery date
Current Customer group appeal
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5) theme of this exhibition

Expand new product opportunities,
Distributors shall cooperate in developing and maintaining new markets on lighting, LED, Sensors manufacturing

6) note:
Sincerely Hope Kingtronics can work with our new and old customers to harvest more and more and grow up healthily!

Kingtronics offers full range of Trimming Potentiometers with our own trademark "Kt" since 1990.
We gain high reputation by our trimpots superior quality and competitive price. We are proud that Kingtronics Trimpot are well-known in the overseas market.

In Jan 2016, we prepared all the key raw materials of Trimming Potentiometers and then handed over to SGS laboratory.
After 1 week testing , we got the positive reply of our potentiometers from SGS company.  Now we would like to share this good news with our Kingtronics faithful customer.
Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometer is your first chosie, and Kingtronics is your best partner.

More details about our RoHS 2.0 Report, please visit below link:

Kingtronics (Kt) Trimming Potentiometers Product List

Trimmer potentiometer 3296, 3006, 3386, 3266, 3362, 3329, 3590S, 3540S, 065, SMD C3305...

(zastřihovač potenciometr; preset; trimmer potenziometro; тример-потенциометъра; подстроечный потенциометр; підлаштування потенціометр;)
We are one of the oldest factories for producing trimmer potentiometer in China since 1990, with mature technology.
Different from other potentiometer suppliers, our potentiometer quality is very good, got approval wiht  ISO & SGS certifications, RoHS Compliant.

We also can make equivalence for brands like Bourns, BI Technology, Tocos, Murata, Vishay, Copal, CTS... 
RKT-3006 3/4" (19 mm) Rectangular Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3266 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3296 3/8" (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3323 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3329 1/4" (6 mm) Round Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3362 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3386 3/8" (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3309 9 mm Through-Hole Cermet Consumer Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3540S Precision Potentiometer (Multiturn)
RKT-3590 Precision Potentiometer (Multiturn)
RKT-C3305 Trimming Potentiometer-3mm SMD
RKT-065 Phenolic Consumer Trimming Potentiometer


Dear Kingtronics customers

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Trimmers come in a variety of sizes and levels of precision; for example, multi-turn trim potentiometers exist, in which it takes several turns of the adjustment screw to reach the end value, allowing for very high degrees of accuracy. Our Kingtronics has many types of Trimming Potentiometers ,for example RKT-3006  RKT-3296 and so on ,these products is for our KT mark ,you can set your heart at rest ,we can guarantee our quality .So if you are interested in our Trimming Potentionmeters, welcome to visit our website: www.kingtronics.com  If you have any questions please contact us, we can try our best to meet your requirements.

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Kingtronics International Company was established in 1995 located in Dongguan City of China to handle all sales & marketing for factories located in Chengdu, Sichuan and Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. In 1990, we established the first factory to produce trimming potentiometer and in 1999 we built up new factory in Zhao Qing, Guangdong. Now with around 850 workers, Kingtronics produce trimming potentiometers, dipped tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, and diode & bridge rectifier. We sell good quality under our brand Kingtronics, and Kt, King, Kingtronics are our three trademarks. All our products are RoHS compliant, and our bridge rectifier have UL approval. Please visit our Products page, you could please download all our PDF datasheet and find cross reference for our Trimming Potentiometer and capacitors.

Tantalum and Ceramic Capacitors Cross Reference ↓ Download
Diodes & Rectifiers List(PDF: 97KB) ↓ Download
Trimming Potentiometer Cross Reference ↓Download



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